Bettinardi BB29 Putter

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Bettinardi BB29 PutterBettinardi BB29 PutterBettinardi BB29 PutterBettinardi BB29 PutterBettinardi BB29 PutterBettinardi BB29 PutterBettinardi BB29 Putter

New to the 2018 BB Series, this traditional heel-toe weighted blade features a squared frame, crowned topline and a mid-slant neck - all attributes designed to promote ideal hand positioning and locked in feeling at address. Milled from Soft Carbon steel, the aggressive Super-Fly face milling produces a softer feel than the previous Honeycomb pattern. This pleasing design utilizes an electric yellow paint scheme set against our new Stealth Black finish. The putter comes with a Flymill pattern headcover and a matching deep-etch cord Lamkin grip available in standard or jumbo sizes.

SOFT CARBON STEEL All of our production model putters are milled from a proprietary blend of soft carbon steel. Because we machine all of our putters in our own manufacturing facility, we only choose the finest blends of steel that allow for exceptional machinability, and an unforgettable feel at impact when the putter is finished.

STEALTH BLACK Our new Stealth Black finish on all BB Series putters offers a more matte appearance, which reduces glare and improves aiming optics outdoors. The Stealth Black finish is a more durable coating than traditional PVD, and offers a unique look that has yet to be seen on Bettinardi models.

SPEC Model: 2018 BB29

Weight: 350 grams

Material: Soft Carbon Steel Finish:

Stealth Black

Face Milling: Super-Fly Mill

Loft: 3°

Lie: 70°

Grip Type