Kronos Golf Metronome Carbon Putter


Kronos Metronome Carbon Mallet Putter


A classic mallet revived. Each shaft is hand bent to ensure precise face-balance, preferred by many of those with straight-back, straight-through stroke path. Slightly heavier weighting, at 360 and 370 grams, aids with stability. Our precision milling is once again showcased by swirling mill marks and our signature sharp top line. The Compass Scored™ face features additional micro scores to soften feel and increase texture.

Made in The United States of America.

All of these putters come uncut in length. So can be cut to your preferred length.

1-piece billet milled
11L17 carbon steel
Physical Vapor Deposition finish
3 degrees loft, 70 degrees lie
Face balanced
Compass Scored™ face
Three plane sole
360 and 370 grams
Double bend steel shaft and Iomic grip

The Kronos Philosophy

Kronos was founded to restore integrity and craftsmanship to golf and the art of putter making.  Our appreciation for classic club construction and design is reflected in each of our pieces.  We also seek to advance our craft through modern precision and our unique perspective and aesthetic.

Golf started as a game enjoyed by friends, always a challenge, but something that was inherently enjoyable. Today golfers are encouraged to improve their scores with the latest equipment, often with the hope that the hopes of performing more like someone else.  Quality and craftsmanship is often replaced with promises and endorsements, contrary to the spirit of the game. 


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