Chikara Design Golf 52 Wedge Satin TG 2

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Chikara Designs Wedges Satin TG-2
Chikara Design Golf 52 Wedge Satin TG 2Chikara Design Golf 52 Wedge Satin TG 2

Chikara Design Golf 52 degree Wedge TG 2

Introducing the Chikara Designs TG-2 Wedge. The wedges feature a custom grind by custom grinder Carlton Masui. Other features include S25C head material, double punched grooves, and a 5 cut sole for cleaner contact and multiple shot play. 

Available with conforming square grooves.

These Chikara Design wedges come in lofts 52, 56, and 58.

The Chikara TG-2 Wedge comes in a Satin finish.


You may not know the name Carlton Masui, but chances are good you have run across his products before. 


Masui has worked for Gauge Design in Japan and helped design wedges and putters. He left the company  in the late 90's but now has opened a shop in Hawaii And has been doing quality club work since 2006. 


Masui has become famous for building clubs and grinding wedges for teen phenom Tadd Fujikawa. 

Masui's most recent adventure - releasing Chikara Designs line which begins his own line of production wedges.

This is not your typical run of the mill sand wedge, everything about the club is performance orientated, from the forging process it's made from to its pronounced sole grind and head shape. 

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