Vega RAD-04 Driver

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Vega Driver
Vega RAD-04 DriverVega RAD-04 DriverVega RAD-04 Driver

Vega RAD-04 Driver 


Forged Titanium body with heat treated 6-4 Titanium face to give more strength and power. The crown is much thinner than the rest of the body, leaving more weight in the sole area to lower the centre of gravity.

The new Airflow stabilizer design on the back and sole provide even more stability on swing path and increases club head speed. The addition of the third section of Airflow stabilizer on the sole also lowers the centre of gravity which reduces backspin for ultimate ball launch.

The 3 different weight screws enable players to change the depth of centre of gravity even further and thus adjust both head weight and also trajectory. The heavier the weight screw the lower the centre of gravity and the higher trajectory. (The RAD-04 comes as standard with the 8g weight)