Vega RAF-04 Fairway Wood

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Vega RAF-04 Fairway 


The RAF-04 has a new Maraging steel face and a one piece body made from 17-4 Stainless steel. This one piece body adds strength and stability. The Maraging face is super hard and gives extra distance whilst also excellent feel. The head is a low profile design with a semi shallow face to help launch the ball easily.

The new Airflow stabilizer design on the back and sole provide even more stability on swing path and increase club head speed. The addition of the third section of Airflow stabilizer on the sole also lowers the centre of gravity which reduces backspin for ultimate ball launch. On The RAF-04 the sole section of Airflow Stabilizer also acts as a rail to cut through the grass helping getting the ball launched from hard lies.

The 3 different weight screws enable players to change the depth of centre of gravity even further and thus adjust both head weight and also trajectory. The heavier the weight screw the lower the centre of gravity and the higher trajectory.

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